Tips for Choosing the Right AutoDarkening Welding Helmet

Auto darkening welding helmets are for people who want something above the traditional welding helmets. Traditional welding helmets are offered by most companies, but provide low quality when it comes to wielding sophisticated object lines or edges. They traditionally allow the welder to wield in dark. Protecting their eyes and face from severe heat light and burn. However, traditionally weld helmets do not have options to change the light and shadow ratio behind the helmet. That’s where auto darkening helmets come in to provide welders with the chance. Giving them power to see complicated object designs without needing to take the welding helmet off. Making their health bills and eye injury risks go down. Workers and people interested in welding should consider using auto darkening weld helmets. More info on this below.

auto darkening weld helmets

Look for Auto Darkening Helmets That Have Full Coverage Shell

When looking for welding helmets with auto darkening, you need to first look for full coverage shell created to reflect spatter and resit many impacts. Not any weld auto darkening helmet will protect you. Next, make sure the helmet comes with ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards. The safe standards for United States welding safety procedures. Don’t consider the best welding helmet to be the best without that specific standard. On the ground welding, you come in contact with a lot of sparks, bumps, and metal pop outs. Events that occur for 8 hours straight. You may want to have the hardest shell auto darkening helmet you can find to prevent injury. All in all, buy a full coverage hard shell product and you will be safe for the next 5 years or so.

sparks, bumps, and metal pop outs

Pick a Shade Range from Auto Darkening Helmet You Like

Furthermore, auto darkening helmets come with shades that have specific ranges. If you want to have a specific shade range, consider getting auto darkening helmets with that range. For the most part, the shade ranges available are from 9 to 13 and 5 to 13. Each shade is designed to adjust the look of the fire light in front to help you weld for hours. If you find yourself needing less light, put the shade option in the lower number range typically. The same applies to needing more light. The knob on the helmet usually goes up and down. Make sure to check your manual to see how you to use the shades on helmet. It might be wise to check the manual and test shade before purchasing.

test shade before purchasing

Make Sure It Fits Comfortably

When looking for a auto darkening weld helmet, you also need to find one that fits comfortably. Don’t be in a rush to pick up the first auto darkening weld helmet on the shelf. Finding the best welding helmet in all spots takes time. Try out different versions and brands. Find one that fits you but is not extremely tight, and make it uncomfortable for you to work for long hours. Your going to be working for a long time and it’s always best to find one your comfortable with. Plus, if you didn’t know about tight helmets in general, they tend to give you headaches, red scratches, and memory issues after prolonged use.

Make Sure helmet welding Fits Comfortably

Decide On Getting Outside Controls or Inside Controls

How you want the controls to be on your auto darkening helmet is something else you should decide. Controls on the outside is good for convenience. You can turn the knobs quickly without opening your helmet and risk face damage mid work. The only draw back to that is you can’t protect the wires dangling on the side. One little spark of fire can mess the wiring up and cause you to buy another auto darkening helmet. Inside controls on helmet is more safe for the machine to run, but not safe for your face. The more you life that weld helmet up to change the temperature the more your likely to get burned during work. This can work for someone who likes to use one shade for the entire weld job piece. Deciding on getting outside or inside shade controls, depends on the user who is using the auto darkening weld helmet.

Controls on the outside

Getting an auto darkening helmet that works well is a simple. Decide on whether you want outside or inside controls for shading. You know rather you’re a stick to one shade guy or change shades constantly guy. Pick the control style accordingly. Next, buy a auto darkening weld helmet with full shell protection. See if the material is made with a really tough substance. Your going to spend hours upon hours welding objects. Dealing with temperatures that can burn you down to the bone at times. You need tough shell protection to make the helmet last another year. Now, comfort is a must for auto darkening weld helmets. Your head needs to be in a comfortable position in order to prevent memory lost and stop you from passing out at work. Heat and tight spaces can do that to you. Last tip, pick a auto darkening helmet you truly like. Don’t pick something because it is popular or generic. Pick something that fits your own individual style. Have fun looking at the auto darkening helmets available on the market today.