The Quality of Your Welding Helmet Matters

The quality of your helmet matters a whole lot when you feeding your face to the fire. Not the fire is not the basic camp fire. It is very hot and intense fire that doesn’t want to fade away in the dark. Liquid and filled with thousands of heat that can peeled your skin off in seconds. This is the danger and this is why you need to make sure your welding helmet is made with high quality grade. You should take out time to test it out every so often. Test out its endurance and ability to keep your face protected at all times. Think about getting a new helmet when helmet is not functioning like it should. The fire is not your friend at work. Its a wild beat with flame fangs that must be handled with the best welding helmet you can find. Information is listed below to help you understand welding helmets more to prepare you better.

Standard Welding Helmets Are Light


The standard welding helmets are probably the helmets you have on right now. They are standard and certified by your local government to use. They get the job done and give you a big view to see what you are doing. They also provide you with throat protection from random fire sparks. Sounds good and reasonable to have. But, they are not the best technology to have on the market. Even more so, they are not the best to have if you have eye problems from using these types of helmets. You need to be aware that these helmets do not change the color of the heat blowing up in face. This color might not be a problem now. But, years from now the color could cause problems to your eyes. Your going to need those eyes to do your job. Use the standard wielding helmets for now. But, if wielding is your career then I suggest you use something better than standard.

 Auto Darkening Helmets Provide High Eye Protection

Auto darkening wielding helmets provide you with advantages the standard welding helmet does not have. Its called auto darkening because it adjust the light color and light intensity according to what is safe for your eyes to see. You know the fire changes to all sorts of colors. Blue, white, green, red, and sometimes pink. Fire is cool to look at it. But, in terms of long term looking, looking at colors your eyes are not really equipped to looking can be hurtful to your eyes. Eyes have their limits when they see colors. Being exposed to the wrong color too many times can give you mind head aches. Body is comfortable looking at white and black images. If you had to look at pink for years, you would probably shrug it off. But, your body gets annoyed with seeing pink too many times. Green grows on the ground and so does brown. Eyes use to seeing that. For the sake of your future eyes, switch to auto darkening wield helmets so you can have colors go to your eyes that your body is use to seeing.

 Welding Helmets Have Power Sources

The best welding helmets have power sources. They are not all the same. Some have solar power sources and others have power sources that have batteries. Solar power wielding helemts would be the helmet to try if your working outside. For inside purposes, go with the battery powered wielding helemts. Batteries can be used longer for indoor environments. You can not use sunlight energy on the inside. You got to be smart about your welding purchase. For all you know, the boss could not be willing to replace your welding helmet. Buy your next welding helmet with the intention of getting a powered welding helmet that works best for job location.