The tea is probably one of the most loved beverages globally and the tea is among the most consumed beverages especially when considered with the coffee and water. There are many kinds of tea and there are different methods on which the drink can be drunk and this probably makes it a different and pleasant beverage drink. Because of its peak level of popularity, the tea has brought about a lot of research and many other kinds of research have been made concerning the effects of tea on the human body. This has been complemented with studies viewing on the gainful benefits that the tea drinking would produce.

The study is made has led to a huge number of health gains being observed from the drinking of tea. However, the benefits which are gotten from the tea is not gotten from every kind of tea but some specific types of tea. There are diverse teas which possess different possible bonuses and shortcomings. What this means is that we would consider every type of tea and their individual gainfulness. The aim of this article is to enlighten you on the benefits associated with drinking tea and the kinds of tea types we have.

There is a host of many types of tea and all the tea kinds are made from a host of diverse herbs and plants. Every tea has its own unique taste and the types of benefits you can possibly derive from the tea. The tea would assist you to discover the ones which are best suited for you and assist you in getting the best tea which would give you the taste you need and the benefits you can possibly derive from the tea. The black tea is manufactured from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant and it is known for its black color after it is fermented.


The Oolong tea which can be gotten at is produced through a specific process of withering the leaves and drying the leaves under intensified sunlight. The tea leaves are then rolled into bunches and then left to dry. This drying would make it slightly colored tea and it would possess a light taste as well.

The Oolong tea has few fitness benefits which can only be discovered in many other types of tea. The Oolong tea is capable of protecting the teeth, it is useful for relieving health problems and it is good for battling plaque. Studies made have proven that by simply rinsing the mouth with Oolong tea can prevent the buildup of plaque on the teeth.

The white tea is another type of tea and it is a special kind of tea as well. The white tea is not oxidized or spiraled like the green tea or the Oolong tea, the white tea has a milder taste than the blacker types of tea. However, this is not an indication for saying that the white tea has better properties than the black, green, or Oolong tea but, the white tea sure share in the same health benefits as the other types of teas.